Winter School

Introduction to data science

Last edition (online version): 4th to 12th February 2021

Next edition (tentative): February 2022

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Participants will get a quick, condensed and hands-on introduction to programming and data analysis with Python, fundamental methods in modern Statistics and Machine Learning and the tools in Python for implementing them.

This is an intensive 20-hour course that takes place in four 5-hour online sessions for current 2021 edition. In normal times, it would take place at the Barcelona GSE’s Ciutadella Campus.

The approach is hands-on using Jupyter notebooks. All material is motivated by specific information retrieval and data analysis questions, and each thematic unit concludes with a small project. 

“I use this opportunity to congratulate BGSE regarding the organization of this school as well. I am very satisfied and I think BGSE could not have done a better job in making this course useful, interesting and interactive at the same time, despite the pandemic ongoing. I will recommend this course for sure to those who are interested in data science!”

Paolo Bonnet (WS’21), PhD Candidate in Universitá di Pavia, Italy

“As a researcher/professional of an EU agency, I was in need of a fast and succinct introduction to the principles of Machine Learning and Data Science. The course was very rigorous and covered targeted material and Python programs that may act as a springboard for more reading and learning on the topic…The course did a good job highlighting to potential Data Scientists that one needs rigorous theoretical understanding of the behavioral models, as opposed to simply programming some lines of code. I would highly recommend the course to professionals who, like myself, do not have the luxury of time due to family or other constraints to attend lengthy courses and lectures.”

Konstantinos Pouliakas (WS’19), Expert at CEDEFOP

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An introduction to basic data science techniques using R or Python

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