Summer School: Foundations of Data Science

Introduction to Data Science

The Barcelona GSE Data Science Summer School introduces participants to some of the tools and methods of Data Science

Next edition

21-25 June 2021 (online version)

5-9 July 2021 (in person version)

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Computing for data science

This is an intensive, hands-on, 1-day course that will provide participants with the computing skills necessary for information retrieval, data management, data analysis and Machine Learning. It is an 8-hour course, with a number of little projects that take place during the course, that evolves around the following sub-themes:

  1. Programming with Python
    Keywords: data types, functions, iterates, objects, classes
  2. Data analysis with Python
    Keywords: pandas, database management, groupby, merge
  3. Scraping data
    Keywords: scraping, API’s, cloud storage
  4. Data visualization in Python
    Keywords: matplotlib, seaborn

Foundations of Data Science

This is an intensive 20-hour course based on a hands-on approach using Jupyter notebooks, all material is motivated by specific information retrieval and data analysis questions and each thematic unit concludes with a small project.

The course evolves along the following thematic units:

  1. Supervised learning (regression and classification)
    Keywords: sklearn, linear models, cross validation, regularisation, lasso, trees, ensembles, boosting, nearest neighbour methods, class imbalance, multiclass predictive models, ordinal data
  2. Unsupervised learning
    Keywords: factors, latent variables, independent component analysis, matrix factorization, embeddings,  connections to neural networks (e.g. autoencoders), multidimensional scaling, clustering, K-means, spectral clustering and graph-based methods, latent semantic analysis and topic models

The course includes project sessions where the methods and algorithms developed in the hands-on sessions are employed within the context of concrete machine learning problems that the students with the guidance of the instructor and the help of junior data scientists are going to solve end to end.

Summer School: Foundations of Data Science learning modules

An introduction to basic data science techniques using R or Python

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Summer School: Foundations of Data Science